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Reading Sheet Music. What is Flat Note? What is Sharp Note?

Reading Sheet Music
So, How to read notes? What is a Flat Note? What is a Sharp Note?
Everyone knows that there are seven notes:

The table of notes on guitar fingerboard (fretboard). All notes on guitar

I want to present you a very easy table of notes that are located on a guitar fingerboard (fretboard or grief). This table will help not only in finding notes, but also in building chords. And it will help you how to play guitar.
If you will imagine this table as a guitar fingerboard, then a guitar deck should be on the right. And the top string on image – is a thinner string on your guitar.
All notes on guitar fretboard:
guitar notes
(click on image to see full size)

P.S. “I got to say there’s one thing that you need to know – when you try to explore some more difficult parts about music on the guitar – you have to know where every note is on the guitar. After that every time you look on it you see a familiar roadmap.” (c) Joe Satriani