Steve Vai – Master Class (Guitar Clinic and Lesson)

Steve Vai - Master Class (Guitar Clinic and Lesson)In this Master Class Steve Vai shares his secrets about how he usually does guitar exercises before every show. Also he suggests to every practicing musician to buy the Korg Pandora for a simple training.
Steve Vai says that it does not matter for him are you virtuous or just a simple guitar player. But if you are going to become a virtuous you must work a lot. Steve Vai believes that every one has an ability to become a great guitarist. The question is in your courage – if you are ready for this.
It is a very important how you practice in playing. Because with every different touch guitar sounds different. So you need to remember how you touch the instrument for correct sound you need.
Steve thinks that it is very easy to copy the sound you like. But the true musician has to dig dipper to discover his own sound.
If you stuck in playing fast part of composition – it is very important to start very slow, never give up and keep developing.
By the way, every successful and worldwide famous musicians suggest the same. Even if you are tired of playing every kind of instrument, you have to take a musician break. That means – always be in music. For example, a great legendary Paul Mauriat (a French orchestra leader, conductor of Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat) said once in his interview on TV: “When I am tired of making orchestrations, I take a break listening music. What makes me stay inside the music”. And if you can be tired of music – simply do not be a musician.
In the last part of Master Class Steve Vai tells about his first guitars, how had he tried almost every kind of guitar but he could not find the best one for him. So he decided to create his own guitar. He made drawings, wrote a descriptions and wishes. Then he gave this development to every biggest guitar company with a request to make a guitar like this. At last Steve chose the best one for him – Ibanez. That was a story how famous Ibanez Jem was created.

Master Class by Steve Vai:

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    Hey Hardguitar,
    Thanks for the info, Steve Vai has had a occupation as a guitarist that has coated a great deal more than twenty yrs, and he is regarded as an individual of the most technically accomplished and artistic musicians of his time. He has played all around the marketplace and has worked with widely known names like Frank Zappa and Whitesnake. If you are a lover of Vai’s or delight in listening to his albums, you might possibly be interested in finding out to play like him. He is without a doubt a sensible position design for any aspiring guitarist and he is properly worth emulating. If you would like to be a musician on the level with Steve Vai, listed here are some tasks you ought to do.

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