Greg Howe – Guitar Lesson (master class)

greg howe Greg Howe (Gregory Howe) is an American guitarist. His musician career counts 30 years. And during this time he has released 9 studio albums and worked with many famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, ‘N Sync, Justin Timberlake and others. Also Greg Howe is known as a presenter of ESP guitars. He makes master class of guitar playing exactly from ESP brand. And this article and video is a one of them.

In this article is a short description of Greg’s master class. He tells about his fast playing technique: “The thing I wanna talk about is a couple of concepts I use for playing fast, mostly. And the first thing is… You probably noticed that I use my first finger to clap down two and more strings”. He explains how to play fast on guitar in easy way.
Also Greg Howe describes a pull-off technique and tells about guitar leeks. A famous guitarist tells about how he does arpeggio on guitar, guitar hammer-on and two handed tapping. Greg says very honestly and simple. And makes visitors of his master class understand that every technique needs training and seems uncomfortable at first. A very interesting information is about right way of sliding.
So, watch this video and learn more about guitars.

Guitar Lesson by Greg Howe:

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