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The Beatles Twist And Shout – Video guitar lesson with tabs, chords and lyrics

The Beatles Twist And ShoutThis video lesson is an easy tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to play The Beatles Twist And Shout on Guitar.
Did you know that Twist And Shout song was written by Phil Medley and Bert Russell at first (and it’s original title was Shake It Up, Baby) and later covered by The Beatles? The lead vocal of The Beatles’ belonged to John Lennon. The song Twist And Shout was released on the band’s first album Please Please Me in 1963. Later this legendary son was covered by The Mamas & the Papas as a ballad in 1967 (Deliver album). Among great bands that had covered this song were also The Who band. So take your time and learn how to play this almost classic song Twist And Shout!

The Beatles (The Rolling Stones) I Wanna Be Your Man – Video guitar lesson with tabs, chords and lyrics

The Beatles (The Rolling Stones) I Wanna Be Your Man In our video lesson of how to play I Wanna Be Your Man song by The Beatles (also covered by Rolling Stones) you will easily learn the right way of playing this amazing song.
This song was originally written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and was recorded separately by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Actually, the Rolling Stones version was released a few weeks earlier rather than The Beatles’. Anyway, the real authors of I Wanna Be Your Man are Paul McCarney (it was his idea and the main theme) and John Lennon (who helped to finish this song). The legendary friends – John and Paul – were singing the last version of their song in the corner of the room where Mick Jagger was talking to Keith Richards. Well, it’s up to you to make conclusions…

The Beatles Yellow Submarine – Video guitar lesson with tabs, chords and lyrics

The Beatles Yellow SubmarineIn this video lesson you will learn how to play Yellow Submarine song on the guitar. This unique song by The Beatles was written in 1966 by Paul McCartney. The lead vocals were presented by Ringo Starr. This song was included on the Revolver album and as a single coupled with “Eleanor Rigby”. Yellow Submarine song reached number 1 on every British chart, and remained at the first position for 4 weeks and charted for 13 weeks! This single won Ivor Novello Award for “the highest certified sales of any single issued in the UK in 1966”.

The Beatles Love Me Do – Video guitar lesson with tabs, chords and lyrics

The Beatles Love Me DoSearching a great tutorial of how to play Love Me Do by The Beatles? Here you are – we will show you how to play this song in easy video guitar lesson.
Did you know that Love Me Do song was the first single of The Beatles? Yep, it was backed by P.S. I Love You on the 5th of October 1962. There is one more interesting fact of the Love Me Do song – at first it was recorded without harmonica. And the idea of adding this instrument party was suggested by George Martin. Once he said: “I loved wailing harmonica – it reminded me of the records I used to issue of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. I felt it had a definite appeal”.

The Beatles I’ve Got a Feeling – Video guitar lesson with tabs and lyrics

The Beatles I’ve Got a FeelingBefore you will learn how to play I’ve Got a Feeling by The Beatles I will make a small overview of this song. As the most song of The Beatles band this song is written by john Lennon and Paul McCartney. I’ve Got a Feeling is from Let It Be album (1970) and the album Rooftop Concert. This song is a combination of two not finished songs – Lennon’s “Everybody Had a Hard Year” and McCartney’s “I’ve Got a Feeling”.
Paul wrote his optimistic song to his girlfriend Linda Eastman (soon she became his wife). Paul was trying to express his feelings about that he was looking Linda for all his life. That’s why his lyrics has a romantic sense. Instead of John’s song. John divorced his wife Cynthia Powell, and his girlfriend Yoko Ono had a bad result of pregnancy. Anyway, two absolutely different meanings that guys wanted to express in their songs united in one legendary masterpiece of music.