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First Steps to Learning How to Play the Guitar

First Steps to Learning How to Play the Guitar First Steps to Learning How to Play the Guitar.
As a guitar teacher, I get a lot of brand new students who have never played the instrument before. They are enthusiastic, yet also very amazed to learn that there are a number of thing which much be learned and enforced very early on to fully maximize the potential of each student.

In this article we will take a look at some very simple but crucial steps you must take in order to learn the guitar.

What is Power Chords Guitar Lesson for beginners (how to play power chords tutorial)

What is Power ChordsIf you play in “clean channel”, chords that consist of six strings sound good.
But if you play with overdrive or distortion chords that consist of six strings have some dissonance (untuned guitar sound).
So, most of hard-rock or heavy metal guitarists play “not full” chords. Those chords are called POWER CHORDS.

How to play Blues Guitar Lesson for beginners (classic blues riff tutorial)

Classic blues riff tutorialIt is easy to say, that you must play blues with your heart, but it is much harder to explain the techniques. This lesson is for those guitar beginners, who are tired of poetic words about blues and just want to learn a simple blues riff. In our video lesson we show the basic blues guitar riff, which could be listened in many blues songs.

Five Fingerpicking Patterns Lesson for beginners (how to play finger picking video tutorial)

How to play finger pickingTechnique of playing with a guitar pick is not good for every song. That is why, for lyrical songs exists a Fingerpicking Technique (for example: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, Mutter by Rammstein, Still Loving You by Scorpions and Nothing Else Matters by Metallica). This kind of guitar playing could be difficult for beginners, but it is absolutely possible to learn. In this video lesson you will see five different patterns of Fingerpicking Technique. We will demonstrate every of 5 patterns by playing 4 simple chords: C, G, Am, F.

What is Drop D tuning guitar lesson

In standard guitar tuning power chords (F5, G5, A5, etc.) should be taken with two or three fingers.

To get Drop D you should low sixth string on one tone (two frets).

How to Tune a Guitar Without Tuner

pedal tunerHow to Tune a Guitar?
If you have an electronic tuner, you can tune your guitar in very simple way.
But if you do not then this guide will help you.
Main difficulty is how to tune the first thinnest string (The rest of strings we wil tune using it).
So, how to tune the first string?

Reading Sheet Music. What is Flat Note? What is Sharp Note?

Reading Sheet Music
So, How to read notes? What is a Flat Note? What is a Sharp Note?
Everyone knows that there are seven notes:

Chords theory

This information will help you how to play guitar.

What’s a chord?
So, what is a chord? A chord is simply defined as three or more notes played at same time. Typically, its function is to provide the harmony that supports the melody of a song.

The table of notes on guitar fingerboard (fretboard). All notes on guitar

I want to present you a very easy table of notes that are located on a guitar fingerboard (fretboard or grief). This table will help not only in finding notes, but also in building chords. And it will help you how to play guitar.
If you will imagine this table as a guitar fingerboard, then a guitar deck should be on the right. And the top string on image – is a thinner string on your guitar.
All notes on guitar fretboard:
guitar notes
(click on image to see full size)

P.S. “I got to say there’s one thing that you need to know – when you try to explore some more difficult parts about music on the guitar – you have to know where every note is on the guitar. After that every time you look on it you see a familiar roadmap.” (c) Joe Satriani