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How to Write Music – Guitar Clinic by Steve Vai

How to Write Music - Guitar Clinic by Steve VaiThis is Steve Vai’s guitar clinic how to write a song.
In this Master Class Steve Vai shares his secrets about how does he write music.

Joe Satriani – Guitar Lesson (Guitar Clinic – Master Class)

Joe Satriani – Guitar Lesson (Guitar Clinic - Master Class)This is a Joe Satriani’s master class. Joe tells about his guitar technique and shares the secrets.
He tells about Satch Boogie, Flying in Blue Dream, Midnight and House Full of Bullets.

Joe Satriani – is a very famous American guitarist. He worked as a guitar instructor with Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Steve Vai, Larry LaLonde ect.)
He worked with Mick Jagger as a lead guitarist in 1988 and as a lead guitarist of Deep Purple in 1994.
In 1996 Joe founded the band G3.

Steve Vai – Master Class (Guitar Clinic and Lesson)

Steve Vai - Master Class (Guitar Clinic and Lesson)In this Master Class Steve Vai shares his secrets about how he usually does guitar exercises before every show. Also he suggests to every practicing musician to buy the Korg Pandora for a simple training.
Steve Vai says that it does not matter for him are you virtuous or just a simple guitar player. But if you are going to become a virtuous you must work a lot. Steve Vai believes that every one has an ability to become a great guitarist. The question is in your courage – if you are ready for this.

Steve Vai Guitar Clinic (Interview and Master Class)

Steve Vai Guitar ClinicIn this post you’ll be able to see (video) and read (video overview) Steve Vai’s interview about his dream to become a composer.
To be a composer was Steve’s first wish and dream since he was a child. He confessed that he was lucky to be born in the town, which gave the most fabulous musician and composer world wide – Joe Satriani. Steve took lessons from Joe and proud of that. Steve Vai calls Satriani the best musician in the world. The next step for Steve was an education in Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Steve tells that music lessons from Frank Zappa absolutely changed his life.
Steve says that he has a rock’n’roll in his heart and it inspires him to a new exploits.

Greg Howe – Guitar Lesson (master class)

greg howe Greg Howe (Gregory Howe) is an American guitarist. His musician career counts 30 years. And during this time he has released 9 studio albums and worked with many famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, ‘N Sync, Justin Timberlake and others. Also Greg Howe is known as a presenter of ESP guitars. He makes master class of guitar playing exactly from ESP brand. And this article and video is a one of them.