Reading Sheet Music. What is Flat Note? What is Sharp Note?

Reading Sheet Music
So, How to read notes? What is a Flat Note? What is a Sharp Note?
Everyone knows that there are seven notes:

In addition, there are sharp notes (#) and flat notes (b).
Sharp (#) (or dièse) symbol raises a note by a half tone.
Flat (b) (or Bemolle) symbol lowers a note by a half step.
Half tone – it’s a one fret on guitar.
One tone guitar
Half tone:
Half tone guitar

Together with the sharps and flats all the notes look like this:
C (or B #)
C # or Db
D # or Eb
E (or Fb)
F (or E #)
F # or Gb
G # or Ab
A # or Bb
B (or Cb)
C (or B #)

For illustratition look at the piano:
notes on Piano

Now a little about how to write and read notes.
smoke on the water notes
There are a notes from the song Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. To read them you need to know how to write each note.
guitar notes
Sharp and flat notes are indicated by symbols near notes (# – Sharps, b – Flats):
Flat Sharp and Natural
(Flat, Sharp and Natural)
Natural symbol cancels previous accidentals and represents the unaltered pitch of a note.

If the notes are written one above one you need to play two notes at the same time.

Respectively, if you see three notes one above one you need to play three notes at the same time. Ect.

Duration of the notes depends on how they are written:
Duration of the notes
(Whole note is the longest and Sixteenth note is the shortest)

Table with all notes of the guitar you can see on the page The table of notes on guitar fingerboard (All notes on guitar)

How to combine notes with your guitar see on this picture (click to open full image):

To test your knowledge you can use the online game Guitar Sight Reading Game on our site.

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