Animals with guitar – Funny Animated GIFs

Cat plays the guitarThese animated pictures (GIFs) can be used in different ways …
They can be used as avatars on forums, you can send them to a friend, or they can simply entertain you.
When the animals try to play the guitar – it’s always funny!

This horse can not play chords because of its hooves. Therefore, the boy takes the chords, and the horse hits the strings.
Horse with guitar

This monkey is like a beginner guitarist.
It has guitar, but it does not know what to do with it.
Monkey with guitar

And elephant does not know how to play guitar.
But guitar automatically makes it a cool guy.
Elephant try to play a guitar

Everyone knows that cats – the best guitarists on (after dogs).
Cat rocker plays guitar

P.S. And here you can see the video where the dog plays the guitar – Dog plays Happy Birthday To You on guitar in rock version

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