What is Power Chords Guitar Lesson for beginners (how to play power chords tutorial)

What is Power ChordsIf you play in “clean channel”, chords that consist of six strings sound good.
But if you play with overdrive or distortion chords that consist of six strings have some dissonance (untuned guitar sound).
So, most of hard-rock or heavy metal guitarists play “not full” chords. Those chords are called POWER CHORDS.
Regular E chord plays with six strings. While Power E chord (E5) plays only with two strings. First note is main (E) and second is quint (fifth step from main note). Sometimes, third note could be added to these two notes – it’s a octave of main note.
In the same way we can build Power Chord from any note.
1. Main note (If you want E5 it must be E note, etc.)
2. Quint (Fifth step from main note)
3. (optionally) Octave (eighth step from main note)
If you play Power Chords you can play very fast with minimum dissonance.
How to play power chords

What is Power Chords Video Lesson:

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