How to Tune a Guitar Without Tuner

pedal tunerHow to Tune a Guitar?
If you have an electronic tuner, you can tune your guitar in very simple way.
But if you do not then this guide will help you.
Main difficulty is how to tune the first thinnest string (The rest of strings we wil tune using it).
So, how to tune the first string?
A big help for tuning – is having a piano or synthesizer. The tuning fork that gives a note E would also help you. But if you have nothing, you can use Online Guitar Tuner from our site (in the right sidebar).

Or download this sound:
E note sound loop

Also you can use this video-tuner:

Anyway make the E note and then play the first open string. Do not wait that the sound should be the same (as it written on many websites and books). The sound could be a similar but not identical. What is the most important – is a frequency of the sound. If your string is not tuned – you will hear a sound as it “swims on the waves”. Guitar sound does not coincide with E note. It vibrates. We must get rid of the vibration. Try stretch or low the string. As we closer to the right note – the “waves” will become more slow (if we’ll go wrong way, then the “waves” will be frequence). And when we’ll get E note, “waves” will disappear. E note and first string will be played in unison.
Then we have to do the same with the rest of strings. You must remember this table:
how to tune guitar

To tune the second string: we play the open first string and second string at the fifth fret.
To tune the third string: we play the open second string and third string at the fourth fret.
To tune the fourth string: we play the open third string and fourth string at the fifth fret.
To tune the fifth string: we play the open fourth string and fifth string at the fifth fret.
To tune the sixth string: we play the open fifth string and sixth string at the fifth fret.

Do not forget that the third string tuning is different, and not similar with tuning of the rest strings!

I hope you understand how to tune a guitar.

P.S. Also you can visit our page with Free Online Chromatic Guitar Tuner using Microphone and tune your guitar online.

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