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Rock-Band – Mosh Pit guitar online game

Mosh Pit online guitar game Mosh Pit online guitar game by Rock-Band. This game lets you feel yourself as a super popular guitarist. Just toss yourself into the crowd of your fans, who’re shouting and going mad about you! People love you – show them how do you love them – jump in!

Rock Out – Shred Master – Guitar online game

Guitar online game Shred Master Feel yourself real guitar legend – a musician that can play amazing guitar riffs. This game is an analogue of legendary Guitar Hero game. Try it! Rock it!

Funny and Crazy Guitar Designs – Custom Guitar Art

Bones GuitarThis is a review of the most creative guitars I’ve ever seen. I am sure you will like this collection, which consists of nearly 50 crazy and funny guitars. Some of them are just funny, such as Super Mario Turtle guitar or Pac-Man guitar. Some of them are really cool and looks heavy and rocky (such as spider guitar or Sword Guitar). And some of them are really odd, because only crazy musicians can make their guitars in shape of women’s legs or man’s ****. And the best example of crazy guitars is The Wangcaster Guitar. So take your time and enjoy!

Dog plays Happy Birthday To You on guitar in rock version (Happy Birthday Greeting Card)

Dog plays Happy Birthday To You on guitar in rock version.
It will be a great funny Birthday greeting card for your friends.
You can publish the link of this video ( to your friend’s Fecebook page and this lovely greeting card will automatically appear in the post.
It is always funny to see a dog with human hands, especialy playing on electric guitar.

Make your own guitar picks (How to make a guitar pick whithout pick maker) Five top methods

how to make a guitar pickIn this video you’ll find five top methods how to make a guitar pick:
How to make a guitar pick from CD;
How to make a guitar pick from ruler;
How to make a guitar pick from credit card;
How to make a guitar pick from sim card;
How to make a guitar pick from coin.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Gibson SG and Marshall Amplification

Gibson SG and Marshall Amplification. A classic combination that uses a lot of musicians. The clearest example – Angus Young from AC/DC. Angus Young has used Gibson SGs in various forms (his original, and the basis for his current signature model, was a 1970–72 SG) throughout his career. Young mainly uses a reissued version of the Marshall 1959 with model 1960 AX and BX 4×12 cabinets loaded with Celestion G12M “Greenbacks”.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Gibson Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul is a solid body electric guitar that was first sold in 1952. The Les Paul was designed by Ted McCarty in collaboration with popular guitarist Les Paul, whom Gibson enlisted to endorse the new model. It is one of the most well-known electric guitar types in the world, along with the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Gibson SG

The Gibson SG is a model of solid-bodied electric guitar that was introduced in 1961 by Gibson, and remains popular in the present day.
In 1958, Gibson Les Paul sales were significantly lower than in previous years. The following year, the Les Paul was given a thinner, flat-topped mahogany body, and had a double cutaway which made the upper frets more accessible. The neck joint was moved by three frets to further ease access to the upper frets.
The simpler body construction significantly reduced production costs, and the new Les Paul, with its slender neck profile and small heel was advertised as having the “fastest neck in the world”. Although the new guitar was popular, Les Paul himself did not care for the new design, and requested the removal of his name from the new model. He remained under contract to Gibson, however, and he was photographed with the new model several times.
Gibson honored Les Paul’s request, and the new model was renamed “SG”, which stood for ‘Solid Guitar’. Les Paul’s name was officially deleted in 1961, but the SG continued to feature Les Paul nameplates and truss rod covers until the end of 1963.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Gibson Flying V

Gibson Flying VThe Gibson Flying V is an electric guitar model first released in 1958, recognized for its “V”-shaped body design.
Gibson first manufactured prototypes of the guitar in 1957. Production guitars were made of korina wood, a trademarked name for limba, a wood similar to but lighter in color than mahogany. This Flying V, along with the Futura (Explorer) and, initially, the Moderne, made up a line of modernist guitars designed by Gibson’s then-president Ted McCarty. These designs were meant to add a more futuristic aspect to Gibson’s image, but they did not sell well. After the initial launch in 1958, the line was discontinued by 1959. Some instruments were assembled from leftover parts and shipped in 1963, with nickel- rather than gold-plated hardware.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Fender Telecaster

fender-telecaster The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele (pronounced /ˈtɛli/), is typically a dual-pickup, solid-body electric guitar made by Fender.
Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. Introduced for national distribution as the Broadcaster in the autumn of 1949, it was the first guitar of its kind to be produced on a substantial scale. Its commercial production can be traced as far back as March 1950, when the single- and dual-pickup Esquire models were first sold. The Telecaster has been in continuous production in one form or another since its first incarnation.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Fender Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster, often referred to as the “Strat”, is a model of electric guitar designed by Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares in 1954, and manufactured continuously by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to the present. It is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top horn for balance while standing. The Stratocaster has been used by many leading guitarists and can be heard on many historic recordings. Along with the Gibson Les Paul, the Gibson SG and the Fender Telecaster, it is one of the most common and enduring models of electric guitar in the world. The design of the Stratocaster has transcended the field of music to rank among the classic industrial designs of all time; examples have been exhibited at major museums around the world.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Gibson Explorer

The Gibson Explorer is a type of electric guitar that made its debut in 1958. The Explorer offered a radical, “futuristic” body design, much like its sibling, the Flying V. The Explorer was the final development of a prototype design which years later Gibson marketed under the name Futura.
The Explorer’s initial run was unsuccessful, and the model was discontinued in 1959. In 1976, Gibson began reissuing the Explorer after other guitar companies had success selling similar designs. The Explorer became especially popular among the hard rock and heavy metal musicians of the 1970s and 1980s.

Flash guitar puzzle online – Fender Jaguar

FenderJaguarThe Fender Jaguar is an electric guitar introduced in 1962. A descendant of the Jazzmaster, the Jaguar quickly caught on in the emerging Surf music scene. It, the Jazzmaster, Mosrite and Stratocaster became the guitars most associated with the style. The Jaguar became popular during the alternative rock and indie rock movements of the 1980s and 90s.

Riff Master 2 (Guitar Hero Ripoff) – online guitar game

Riff Master 2 (Guitar Hero Ripoff).
Ready to rock the house? Lay down awesome riffs and drop fat beats, unlock new axes and tunes! Rock Over London, Rock On, Chicago!

Guitar Geek – online guitar game

Guitar Geek. An analogue of the game Guitar Hero in Flash. You must press A, S, D or F… Play online.