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Flash guitar puzzle online – Fender Jaguar

FenderJaguarThe Fender Jaguar is an electric guitar introduced in 1962. A descendant of the Jazzmaster, the Jaguar quickly caught on in the emerging Surf music scene. It, the Jazzmaster, Mosrite and Stratocaster became the guitars most associated with the style. The Jaguar became popular during the alternative rock and indie rock movements of the 1980s and 90s.

Guitar Sight Reading Game – online guitar game

Guitar Sight Reading Game – online guitar game.
A game that lets you improve your guitar sight reading skills.
The game will write you a note and you must indicate its on a virtual guitar.

Riff Master 2 (Guitar Hero Ripoff) – online guitar game

Riff Master 2 (Guitar Hero Ripoff).
Ready to rock the house? Lay down awesome riffs and drop fat beats, unlock new axes and tunes! Rock Over London, Rock On, Chicago!

Guitar Geek – online guitar game

Guitar Geek. An analogue of the game Guitar Hero in Flash. You must press A, S, D or F… Play online.